Did you know?

Home care instructions


 1) Apply shampoo, bring to a lather and leave on for a minute.  Do not scrub or scratch.  Rinse.

 2) Apply conditioner, saturate the hair evenly.  Leave on for a minute.  Rinse until slightly filmy and stop. 

 Do not rinse till squeaky clean! 

3) Always apply a leave-in conditioner after showering.  It will balance the pH while protecting your scalp and hair from styling and finishing products, as well as being a UV and thermal guard.


 1) Apply a clarifying shampoo to remove trace minerals, chlorine, product build up and medications.  This allows daily products and hair color to work more effectively.

2)  Apply a re-constructor and follow the manufacturers instructions for timing.  This is the best time to use a re-constructor as the hair is clean and primed for all the proteins and moisturizers that the deep conditioning treatment provides to keep your hair shiny, healthy and strong.

Keeping your hair at the right pH level is very important to the health and longevity of your hair. The pH scale is from 1-14 and your hair should be between 4.5 to 5.5. When you use Shampoo, Conditioner and products that are really high on the pH scale it will dry out your hair to much. To give you an idea about where things fall on the scale, salt water is an 8. Think back to when you come home from the beach, your hair is very dry and the texture is like straw. A lot of "over the counter" product you'll find in the stores can have a pH as high as 14! Liquid drain cleaner has the same pH. Imagine putting that on your hair everyday? Not only does it effect your dryness, it has a huge effect on your hair color! If your hair is really high on the pH scale the color will not hold onto your hair, it will fade much faster, making you get it done more often. Soma is an amazing product we use here at the salon because it is low on the pH scale to match the pH of your hair. This makes your hair shinier and your color will look more rich and smooth.  Anymore questions feel free to ask your stylist!