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                                        September 2014 Newsletter
    Back to School Specials 

                                         Children’s Haircuts                                       
                Age 1-10 $12.00               
 Age 10-15 $15.00
 Color Extensions 2 for $10
  File, Buff, Polish on Hands or Toes $10

    Welcome Back Bryant University!

This month we want to celebrate everyone at Bryant University for all the hard work they've put into their education! 
If you're a student at Bryant you can take advantage of these great deals!
Men's Haircut - $15
Women's Haircut - $29
Manicure - $15
Gel Manicure - $22
Full Pedicure - $29
Color Retouch (no cut) - $55
Color Retouch (w/ cut) - $60
All Over Color (no cut) - $65
All Over Color (w/ cut) - $75
Partial Foil (no cut) - $65
Partial Foil (w/ cut) - $75
Full Foil (no cut) - $85
Full Foil (w/ cut) - $95

How much should you really brush your hair?
One Myth that we have all heard is that  everyone should brush their hair 100 strokes a day. 
But is this really the key to soft, shiny hair? In fact, the truth is the exact opposite. Excessive brushing can actually 
be damaging to your hair! If you brush you hair roughly and pull on tangles, or if you repeatedly brush the same area,
 you can actually cause breakage and split ends. Using a good detangler is key to minimize any damage that can result from
 brushing out tangles. People with coarse or curly hair shouldn’t use a brush at all but should actually 
comb through their hair while it is wet and use a leave in conditioner to prevent damage.

Q: Does Anyone use Mousse anymore?

When many of us think of mousse we think 
of the big hair of the 80s and we really haven’t 
heard much about it since. The fact of the matter 
is that mousse is an amazingly versatile styling 
product that we should really reacquaint ourselves 
with. It is put on wet hair to add volume, hold and 
shine to your style. Mousse can be used on all hair 
lengths and types. When applied to curly or permed
hair while it is wet is can be used to control frizz and
define the curl. When it is allowed to air dry you may 
have a “crunchy” feeling but mousse why we should 
choose your  will actually comb out for a softer look 
without the tackiness typical of gels and creams. 
If you want to add bounce and shine to a straighter 
style simply put mousse on wet hair and then blow 
dry with a round brush using tension. With such 
versatility, a good mousse is a styling product that 
everyone should have. Give our Fashion Styling 
Mousse a try, no leg warmers required!  

Hair Facts
~The average person sheds 40-150 strands of hair a day
~Your body has approximately 5 million hair follicles
~In 1950 7% of American women colored their hair, Today 75% of american women do.

Do you have a friend or know someone who is in need of a makeover? 
Let the staff at Signature Salon help you. 
A selected individual is given the chance at a total makeover. 
To enter you must write to us explaining to us why we should choose your candidate for a makeover. 
All entries must be sent to Signaturesalon@signaturesalonri.com

*The greatest compliment we can recieve  is a referral of your friends, family and colleagues. 
That’s why for every referral, we will give you and our new client $15.00 off the next salon service.
(**new clients first service must be over $35.00)

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